Debutante Membership

How We’ll Customize & Send Your Monthly Newsletters


Please carefully review how our process works to prevent any misunderstandings or surprises.

Every 30 days, you will receive an email reminder from us to choose your newsletter topic from the Vault. If you prefer to let us choose for you, simply ignore that email. We often choose for our customers.

At that same time each month, you'll receive a drafted email newsletter from us. It will contain your logo, head shot, short bio, links to social and website. This draft will already be scheduled to send. 

If you would like to make changes, you need to reply to our email with your changes before the sending date. 

We do this because, if we always waited for feedback, no one would ever stay on track with their newsletter. (We learned this the hard way!) It seems aggressive, we know, but it works well for our customers in the end. Consistency is so important in email marketing, and it's our job to keep you on track so that you don't have to think about it.

Your newsletter will send as-is on the listed sending date unless we receive changes from you. Before the sending date, you are able to send us different images if preferred. We will replace our images with yours as you request. You are also able to change the text. Please send any new text in the exact verbiage you want. We will copy/paste it into the newsletter to replace our text as needed. 

Our existing text in each newsletter is created by a professional writer, published author, and experienced marketer. Unless you see a typo or a factual error (it happens sometimes - please let us know!) there is little need for you to change the text unless it somehow misrepresents your business.

We don't make changes to the layout or colors of the newsletter, nor do we add new sections. That said, we can often add a new press feature or blog post preview at the end of your bio. Wondering why we limit these changes? Keep reading below.

Our newsletters were specifically designed to avoid spam filters, increase open rates, and encourage conversions. We’ve spent 3 years studying and testing the best newsletter designs to ensure that our newsletters are consistently effective. The designs and layouts we use are purposeful and aimed at getting the best return for our members. We can't take responsibility for the effectiveness of your newsletter if you drastically change it. This is why the customizations we make for you are limited and strategic. We know what works, and we know it will work for you.