Client Welcome Email


Ideal email subject line: Welcome to {Your Business Name}

**You can also write your own subject line. Just be sure to avoid using exclamation points or all caps, and be sure the subject is attention-grabbing.

Ideal sending date / time: Any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between 7 AM and 1 PM (or try 5 or 6 PM to see if your open rates increase!)

Goal of this newsletter: This is a welcome email that can be automatically sent to anyone new who joins your mailing list. Use Mailchilmp’s Welcome Email feature to set this up:

  1. Add this template to your Mailchimp account first

  2. Click Create in the upper right of your Mailchimp account

  3. Select Email

  4. Choose Automated on the next screen

  5. Click Welcome New Subscribers

  6. Select your preferred mailing list from the drop down menu

  7. Click Begin

  8. Edit the To and From and Subject as you please

  9. Click Edit Design to customize your template; a default template will appear. Click Template along the bottom of your screen to change the template.

  10. Click Saved Templates and select this template; in the pop-up that appears, click Change template.

  11. Edit the template as you prefer; be sure to add your website and social links and to link any buttons. Click Save & Continue in the lower right corner.

  12. On the next page, click Start Sending in the upper right corner. That’s it; you’re done!

Anyone who joins your list after this point will get this automated welcome message. You could even link your lead magnet to a button inside that email for easy delivery if you want.

People who are already on your list will not get this email.

SpecialtyKate Greunke