Interview with Home Stager Robin Leigh

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Each month, we interview a Socialite Influencer, one of our members who has shown exceptional skill at marketing her business in the interior design, home staging, or workroom spaces. We cover the emotional, strategic, educational, and brand-based facets of running a business in the fast-paced home industry.

Meet Our Guest

What is your name? Robin Leigh

What is the name of your business? Staged To Sell Design Services

Where are you located? Scottsdale, AZ

What services do you offer? Home Staging, Interior Design

How long have you been working in the home industry? 7 years

A note from our Socialite Influencer of the Month:

Robin Leigh is a woman who gets things done. Whether she's volunteering at the local furniture bank, or helping stage her sellers home, Robin is well-known as a woman of integrity, strategy, and focus. She helps define goals, takes action and then gets results. Having been the Designated Broker of two large brokerage companies she's developed and expanded all aspects of Real Estate Brokerage Management including business plans & sales strategy development.She owns a professional home staging company as well, Staged To Sell Design Services.

This company is recognized as a leader in our home staging market and specializes in preparing residential homes so they sell quickly and for significantly more money. Throughout her 32 year real estate career, Robin has helped clients stage their homes. Because of the consistent success I've enjoyed, I created my own company in February of 2013. We serve our clients as well as other Realtors, Builders, Investors, and Home Owners.

The Emotional Side of Biz in the Home Industry

When you first started your business, how confident were you?

So confident it would blow your mind.

What fears did you have as a new business owner in the home industry?

None. I was sure we'd figure it out.

What part of your experience or education helped you grow your business?

A lot of trial and error, a lot!

How have you grown as a person since, and because of, starting your business?

Yes, always have had a lot of confidence but never managed a warehouse, ordered wholesale etc.

Advice for New Interior Designers, Stagers & Workrooms

If you could give yourself (and any other new business owners in the home industry) a piece of advice, what would you say?

You'd better figure out how to be different because there is a huge amount of competition in the industry.

Do you have a business mentor or idol?

Tony Robbins, Marcus Lemonis, Gino Blefari, Robert Joffe

Secrets to Success in the Home Industry

What is the #1 problem you seek to solve for your clients?Creating a strategy to help them sell their property quickly and for the highest dollar amount, we are not just decorating the home.

What type of project brings you the most joy?

Vacant homes, occupied homes...each one has it's unique opportunity.

How do you spot and avoid a potentially ill-fitting client?

People who are really angry, or refuse to listen, or think they know it all, or try to marginalize our value. We aren't interested in working with them. 

How do you handle people who say, "You're too expensive" and expect a discount?

We are never 'too expensive'. We can demonstrate our value, we are competitively priced against our competition (and we know who they are-most stagers are competition). If they aren't interested that's ok.

In what ways have you intentionally set yourself apart from competitors?

We have our own warehouse, my partner and manager, Gillian Cash, is a professionally trained and licensed ASID designer, we own all of our inventory, we never take a job unless we can do it well and we have a reputation for excellence and results.

What is your big dream or goal for your business within the next 5 years?

We want to double our client base and number of jobs over the next 12 months, triple within 5 years. And we have some other ideas we are working on.

Marketing Tips to Use & Avoid

What is the biggest marketing mistake you've ever made?Buying into an online lead gen system through Hubspot, huge waste of money and time. HUGE. Not geared toward small businesses, too hard to learn and manage...just a total fail.

What is one marketing tactic you use now that you wish you had used "back in the day"?

More face to face relationships with brokers and direct referrals.

What is your favorite way to market your business?

I like our new webite, and I really like our newsletter with you!

How do you use Socialite Vault to help market your business in the home industry?

Email newsletters

If a new business owner wanted to contact you for advice, how can they go about doing that?

What is your web address?

What is your Instagram handle?


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