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Hi, I’m Kate!

…and I’m the founder of Socialite Vault and Socialite LLC (the mothership, as I call it).  I'm a published author, editor, and online marketing entrepreneur living in the middle of Nowhere, Wisconsin.

I get fired up about making sure home professionals understand just how easy marketing can be if they  implement a few key strategies: Consistency, authenticity, and generosity. 

I'm not going to bore you with why each of these things matter so freakin' much, because you could go listen to my podcast and get an earful that way.

My Message to You

...but I will say this: Please don't overthink how you market your business. It really isn't that complicated (take this from a chronic over-thinker!). You have a special way of saying something that will resonate with a whole crowd of people the way no one else can--even if they do exactly what you do.

Marketing isn't magic, and it also isn't difficult. Like you, I once laughed when I heard people say this. Marketing seemed like the most difficult, ambiguous  thing in the world to me (because I did not start out as a marketer).

My Mission for the Home Industry

In an effort to streamline, condense, and simplify my own marketing, I started creating templates and systems for myself and my clients. This lead to the creation of Socialite Vault, my first and largest platform that offers fully written and designed email newsletters for home professionals. 

With Socialite Vault, I offer the same ease to those looking to conquer social media and stand in their online space with confidence. I sincerely hope you give Vault a try. Email me with your input so that I can keep improving the membership: 

My Other Ventures

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